Album of the Month – OPOSSUM “Blue Hawaii”

This is a candidate for my album of the year.  I just really love the sound of this album.  Featuring metallic reverb throughout, great drumming, and irresistible 60’s influenced pop hooks, this is very catchy music.  OPOSSUM is basically KODY NIELSON with some contributions from brother RUBAN NIELSON (of UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA) and KODY‘s partner BIC RUNGA.  BIC plays a supportive role here, as it’s KODY‘s sonic map and love of old records that guide this project.  I read that KODY said he was trying to avoid the sound of modern rock records, which I think he managed by quite a bit.  It’s what I imagine any of those Nuggets-era bands would sound like had they had today’s equipment.


OPOSSUM  “Blue Meanies”:


OPOSSUM  “Cola Elixer (live)”:

Buy direct from their website:

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