August Blailist – All new (to me) music

This is actually June’s Blailist, so you know how well I’ve been keeping up.  Actually, I totally changed the theme today.  This is all new music to me.  A few I stumbled across myself but most my kids showed me.


1.  EMMA LOUISE  “Jungle”   (from Vs. Head Vs Heart 2011).   This one I found and then I saw it featured on Itunes, so others have found it too.


2.  RADIATION CITY  “Zombies”   (from Animals in the Median 2013).  From Portland, OR, this album is all over the place genre-wise.  Sorta CAMERA OBSCURA, sorta retro 60’s pop.


3.  WARPAINT  “Bees”   (from The Fool 2010).   Current favorite of my daughter.


4.  SURFER BLOOD  “Squeezing Blood”  (from Pythons  2013).  Current favorite of my son.  Equal representation.


5.  BRITISH SEA POWER  “Living Is So Easy”  (from Valhala Dancehall 2010).


6.  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE  “I Sat by the Ocean”   (from Like Clockwork 2013).  This album is getting much critical acclaim.


7.  UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA  “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)   (from II 2013).  Features former MINT CHICKS member (and brother of KODYRUEBEN NIELSON.  The album has some very memorable hooks but wanders quite a bit too.  


8.  PEACE  “Bloodshake”   (from Delicious EP  2012)


9.  FLEET FOXES  “White Winter Hymnal”   (from Fleet Foxes 2008).  Not really new but worthy of mention.


10.  LOCAL NATIVES  “Heavy Feet”   (from Hummingbird  2013).


11.  SWIM DEEP   “She Changes the Weather”   (from Where The Heaven Are We  2013).


12.  DRY THE RIVER  “No Rest”   (from Shallow Bed  2011).


13.  TOY  “Lose My Way”  (from Toy  2013).


14.  MYSTERY JETS  “Luminescence”   (from Roadlands  2012).


15.  JOHNNY MARR  ” New Town Velocity”  (from The Messenger  2013).  Ok, this one doesn’t fit this month’s theme but this song was released as a single in July and is one of the highlights of The Messenger.  And now it has a video so here you go.



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  1. Alfred New says:


    June in August- makes sense to me. I recognoize several of the pieces. Have you heard anything by Lorde. She is 16 & from Australia

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