Favorites from 2015

downloadGoodbye 2015!  Thanks for the swell music!   Thanks to Son and Daughter of Blailist for helping to compile this year’s list.  I was excited about the return of BLUR (my favorite album) and ROBERT FORSTER (7 years is too long between releases!)   Included is a little of everything that has rubbed off on me during the past year.

  1.  DAVID BOWIE  “Blackstar”  (single).  This was the teaser from the new Bowie which comes out in a week or so.  Many are saying it’s one of his best.  This is truly remarkable from a 69 yr old!


2.   BLUR  “Go Out”   (from The Magic Whip).


3.  SILICON  “God Emoji”  (from Silicon).  Kody Nielson is back!!


4.  UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA  “Multi-Love”  (from Multi-Love).  Brother Ruban Nielson is also back!!


5.  WAXAHATCHEE  “Under A Rock”  (from Ivy Tripp).    Good tone.


6.  THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION  “Bob Lennon John Dylan”  (from Give Up Your Dreams).


7.  SUSANNE SUNDFOR  “Fade Away”  (from Ten Love Songs).   Alice turned me on to this very good artist.


8.  TORRES  “Sprinter”  (from Sprinter).  In return, I turned Alice on to this.


9.  JUSTIN BEIBER  “What Do You Mean?”  (from Purpose).  Yup, this song made the list.  it’s a great pop song.


10.  BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE  “London”  (from At Least For Now).


11.  KENDRICK LAMAR  “King Kunta”  (from To Pimp A Butterfly).


12.  KAMASI WASHINGTON  “Leroy and Lanisha”  (from The Epic).  Oskar turned me on to this!


13.  PANDA BEAR  “Boys Latin”  (from Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper).  And this.


14.  GWENNO  “Chwyldro”  (from Y Didd Olaf).   I was right about THE PIPETTES all those years ago.


15.  C DUNCAN  “Garden”  (from Architect).


16.  ROBERT FORSTER  “Let Me Imagine You”  (from Songs To Play).


17.  RICHARD HAWLEY  “Heart Of Oak”  (from Hollow Meadows).   Hawley’s tribute to the great NORMA WATERSON.  My favorite song of the year from a great album through and through.


18.  COURTNEY BARNETT  “Pedestrian At Best”  (from Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit).


19.  LOS LOBOS  “Made To Break Your Heart”  (from Gates Of Gold).


20.  KACEY MUSGRAVES  “High Time”  (from Pageant Material).  I missed the boat on her first album but I guess she is the real deal.


21.  ALLISON MOORER  “Down To Believing”  (from Down To Believing).


22.  PAUL WELLER  “Pick It Up”  (from Saturn’s Pattern).   Is it me, or does MARTIN FREEMAN look really old in this video?


23.  HOLLY HERNDON  “Interference”  (from Platform).


24.  SUFJAN STEVENS  “Should Have Known Better”  (from Carrie and Lowell).


25.  BLUR  “There Are Too Many Of Us”   (from The Magic Whip).   Unlike other years, when I struggle to whittle the choices down, on first glance 2015 seemed kind of bleak. But then putting this together, and listening to this playlist, it actually seems kind of awesome.  I really liked the BLUR so we end with them.

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4 Responses to Favorites from 2015

  1. Gary Causer says:

    I love year end lists, says Gary Causer (that’s me). So thanks for doing this. Sometimes I find new music, and sometimes just corroboration of my tastes. Anyway, some good stuff here. We’ve got a few overlaps from my 2015 list that I scrawled on an envelope this morning: Kendrick, Courtney, Kamasi. I like The Epic, sort of, although I do find myself skipping songs, especially when Kamasi starts blowing his nose through his sax. I like Torres — I’ll have to check out more of her. My list has lots of jazz, but one of my favorite pop/rock/folk records in 2015 came from Freedy Johnston, The Neon Repairman. See you around, Gary

    • blaise says:

      Thanks Gary. I will check out Freedy’s latest. He is an old favorite that I have just not kept up with. What other stuff you have scrawled on envelopes that you can share?

      • Gary Causer says:

        I can’t say enough about John Zorn’s Book of Angels series. My all time favorite came out last year by a Mexican group called Klezmerson. It’s like the unified theory of samba, mexican folk and jewish jazz. What else? Donny McCaslin’s Fast Forward is a nice chunk of prog jazz. Great for a former Genesis fan who likes twisty fusion with funky grooves. Hear what Bowie was hearing in Donny! More? How about mellow trance-like guitar jazz with Lotus by Mike Moreno? Or my favorite: the super quiet and oddly slow vignettes from Norwegian saxophonist Mette Henriette. Her music sounds like the ice caps melting, slowly but with menace.

  2. Gary Causer says:

    One more: Synovial Joints by Steve Coleman. This is what I’m talking about:

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