Favorites from 2017

This is my 11th year end playlist and The Blailist’s 7th!  Wow, time flies.   I listened to a lot of music this year to take my mind off other things.  At one point this list contained 114 songs.  So 2017 provided many great musiks!  I also created a playlist of best Anti Trump songs.  (That’s on Spotify).

First, let’s focus on my favorite music from the past year.  There was some wonderful stuff made, including some new favorites from my all time favorite artists and some brand new music I never knew existed!   Please enjoy.   This playlist is also on Spotify: Blailist Favorites of 2017.


1. ELBOW  “Magnificent (She Says)”     from the album Little Fictions.

We saw ELBOW during their North American tour at the 9:30 Club.  It was one of the great musical experiences I have ever had.  I find that most people in the US have no idea who ELBOW is, yet everyone in the audience knew the words to almost every song.  Hmmm…


2.  JENS LEKMAN  “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?”     from Life Will See You Now.

Already my favorite Jens album.  He has been on this list before.  If you don’t know Jens, you should.


3. LOURDE  “The Louvre”     from Melodrama.

I am surprised I like this as much as I do.  The next few songs actually fall into that category.


4.  HARRY STYLES  “Sing Of The Times” from Harry Styles.   (but seriously, who is buying a Harry Styles album?)

I thought ONE DIRECTION were the offspring of THE SPICE GIRLS.  I was disappointed and disillusioned to find out they were not.  But then I saw Dunkirk, and it eased my pain a little.  Then I heard this fabulously bombastic ballad and now I’m a HARRY STYLES fan.  Even if his mom is not BABY SPICE.


5. SAMPHA  “No One Knows Me Like The Piano”     from Process.

Thanks to my son for showing me this guy.  He’s worked as a producer with many cool people like DRAKE and JESSIE WARE.


6. JESSIE WARE  “Selfish Love”     from Glasshouse.

Speaking of JESSIE WARE…  She is consistently wonderful and this is a beautiful song.


7.  SPARKS  “What The Hell Is It This Time?”     from Hippopotamus.

Pretty cool stuff from a couple 70 year olds, eh?


8.  MERSAULT  “The Mill”     from I Will Kill Again.

I discovered MERSAULT from Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour radio program on BBC Radio 6.  This song, more than others, has been in my head this past year.


9.  ROSE ELINOR DOUGALL  “Coulor Of Water”    from Stellular.

Great song with a killer hook that takes over at the end.


10.  GRANDADDY  “Way We Won’t”      from Last Place.

GRANDADDY return after many years and pick up where they left off.  Good stuff.

Now the next few are some of my old favorites who put out excellent new music this year.

11.  TED LEO  “Can’t Go Back”      from The Hanged Man.

TED LEO is an old favorite of mine who definitely knows how to rock and whose lyrics are biting.  With no new music in something like 7 years, I now just look forward to his clever back and forth banter with AIMEE MANN on Twitter, but this new album could be his best.  I’ve included a cool acoustic version here.  (The album version is on the Spotify playlist).


12.  PAUL WELLER  “Woo Se Mama”      from A Kind Revolution.

Finally saw saw the Modfather for the first time in Boston.  Absolutely fucking amazing.  This was the band and this is what it sounded like.


13.  PAUL KELLY  “Finally Something Good”      from Life Is Fine.

Another strong collection of good songs from the Aussie legend.


14.  NEIL FINN  “Second Nature”     from Out Of Silence.

Recorded and filmed live for the world to see in one night in late August, the album Out Of Silence was released a week later.   I woke up at 3am to watch them record and was amazed that something so complete and beautiful could be created so quickly.  In a catalog of classic albums, this is a work of art, created in a unique way.


15.  RAY DAVIES  “Americana”        from Americana.

This reminds me of Muswell Hillbillies.   On this album, his backing band is THE JAYHAWKS.  Not too shabby.


16.  RANDY NEWMAN  “It’s A Jungle Out There”       from Dark Matter.

What can I say?


17.  LIAM GALLAGHER  “Wall Of Glass”      from As You Were.

Guilty pleasure.  I cannot see myself sitting through an entire album though.


18.  KING KRULE  “Dum Surfer”      from The OOZ.

Kinda Jazzy, with lots of naughty language.


19.  LOYLE CARNER  “Ain’t Nothing Changed”      from Yesterday’s Gone

His excellent album was nominated for the Mercury Prize.


20.  NERINA PALLOT  “Stay Lucky”       from Stay Lucky.

I love the lyrics in this song.  Thanks to my daughter for showing me this.


21.  SUSANNE SUNDFOR  “Undercover”      from Music For People In Trouble.

Her new album is simply great.  Another highlight this year was her participation in the Proms honoring SCOTT WALKER with JARVIS COCKER and RICHARD HAWLEY.  One of the most impressive voices.


22.  JANE WEAVER  “The Architect”       from Modern Kosmology.

I discovered her this year.  This is one of my favorite albums of the year.


23. PHOEBE BRIDGERS  “Motion Sickness”       from Stranger In The Alps.

This is a more subdued version than the original album version but still quite powerful, with awesome guitar tone.


24.  ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS  ” Boundary Road”       from When We Fall.

They are from Australia, but all their exes are from Texas?  That really seems unlikely but they harmonize nicely.


25.  BIG THIEF  “Shark Smile”       from Shark Smile.

Love that guitar.


26.  AMBER COFFMAN  “All To Myself”       from City Of No Reply.



27.  DENT MAY  “Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love”     from Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love.

What does that mean?


28.  JONNIE COMMON  “Restless”       (single)

C DUNCAN did a nice re-mix of this sing.  Then I saw this video and, well, I had to include it.


29. TINARIWEN  “Sastanaqqam”      from Elwan.

Guitar heros.  They continue to put out awesome music.


30.  ELBOW  “All Disco”       from Little Fictions.

And we’ll close with another from my favorite album of the year.


There you have it.  Again, you can listen to the playlist on my Spotify.

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