Goodbye Possum

I cannot let the passing of the best country music singer ever go unmentioned.  GEORGE JONES passed away yesterday.  He was larger than life and had a voice that could express all the pain and excess of that life.  That voice was the real star, the way it bent the notes.

I was in Japan some years back in a real karaoke bar.  It was an unreal experience, the lights, the drinks and a private booth for our party.  There was a lot of pressure to sing the right song.  After what seemed like forever thumbing through the catalog of songs to choose from, I stumbled across the perfect song:  GEORGE JONES‘ “She Thinks I Still Care”.

“The bars are all closed.  It’s four in the morning.  I must have shut ’em all down.  By the shape that I’m in.  I lean my head on the wheel.  And the horn begins honkin’.  The whole neighborhood knows that I’m home drunk again.”

C’mon, we’ve all been there.

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