Research for Best of 2013

By now, I have a pretty good idea of some of the stuff that I will be including on The Best Of 2013 Blailist. But the team here has been scouring our sources to find other new stuff that should also be included.  I am not sure if any of this will make the final grade, but everything included below is pretty swell.


1.  LENKA  “Nothing Here But Love”  (from Shadows  2013).

2.  GOLDFRAPP  “Thea”   (from Tales Of Us   2013).

3.  SAM PHILLIPS  “When I’m Alone”  (from Push Any Button  2013)    SAM PHILLIPS is one of our best songwriters.  She has been throughout her 20 year career and it is too bad that more people are not familiar with her or her songs.  This song comes from another in a long line of fantastic albums.  Push Any Button will be on best of lists this year for sure.

4.  MILES KANE  “Inhaler”  (from Colour Of The Trap  2013).

5.  CAMERA OBSCURA  “Do It Again”  (from Desire Lines  20130.

6.  PET SHOP BOYS  “Vocal”  (from Electric  2013).   Wow, these guys are still making very interesting stuff.  So much more than just a good beat and catchy hook.

7.  YOUNG GALAXY  “Pretty Boy”  (from Ultramarine  2013).

8.  EDWYN COLLINS  “Carry On, Carry On”  (from Understated  2013).

9.  BETTIE SERVEERT  “Mayham”  (from Oh, Mayham  2013).  This band has been putting out great indie rock for over 20 years.  Or is it 200 years?

10.  RY COODER, CORRIDOS FAMOSOS  “Lord Tell Me Why”  (from Live In San Francisco  2013).   No video was relevant, but do yourself a favor and go check this album out.   It is beautiful and will appeal to guitar geeks, accordion geeks, brass section geeks… all sorts of geeks, actually.  As usual, RY COODER is a master of blending many styles and the band features some killer guests (including FLACO JIMENEZ).

11.  ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ROOTS  “Walk Us Uptown”  (from Wise Up Ghost  2013).

12.  ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER  “I Don’t Want To Bother You”  (from Personal Record  2013).

13.  HOODED FANG  “Bye Bye Land”  (from Gravez  2013).

14.  QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE  “I Sat By The Ocean”  (from …Like Clockwork  2013).

15.  THE VACCINES  “Everybody’s Gonna Let You Down”  (from Melody Calling EP  2013).


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