September Blailist – Where have I been?


I have been slacking off lately.  I’m a bit lazy and have been distracted from music for much of this beautiful summer.  There are some interesting new things coming out this fall which I am looking forward to.  New JENS, new AIMEE MANN amongst others.  I am presently jacked up on coffee so I should be able to post some new stuff.  It’s very exciting, I know!

So let’s start this Blailist remembering a legend:  KITTY WELLS died a few months ago.   Now commonly thought of as paving the way for the countless women country music stars that followed, it must have been something to turn on the radio in the early 1950s and hear a women singing about “good girls going wrong” and cheating and drinking like the men-folk.

1.  KITTY WELLS   “It Wasn’t God Who Created Honky Tonk Angels”   (single 1952).

2.  KITTY WELLS   “Release Me”  (from “Country Hit Parade” 1954).

3.  DAVID BYRNE and ST. VINCENT   “Who”  (from “Love This Giant”  2012).  Just picked this up this week so have not listened to much besides this single.  Generally not a fan of videos, but DAVID BYRNE can do videos anytime.

4.  HUSKY   “Tidal Wave”   (from “Forever So”  2011).  From my Seattle sources.  I love the harmonies all over this album.

5.  CLAY ALLISON   “It Sure Looks Bad”   (from “Tonight There Will Be No TV”  2007).  Don’t know much about this band, and not even sure how I stumbled across this record but I have become quite fond of it this summer.  I think they are from Sweden because of all the umlauts in the band members names.  Anyone?

6.  GOMEZ  “Get Miles”   (from “Bring It On”  1998).  From my British music expert son.

7.  DIRTY PROJECTORS   “No Intention”   (from “Bitte Orca”  2009).  I know there is a more recent record, which I have yet to check out.  Actually, I just checked it out and will get back to you on that.

8.  DIRTY VEGAS  “Little White Doves”   (from “Electric Love”  2011).

9.  GOLDFRAPP  “Caravan Girl”  (from “Seventh Tree”  2008).  Have I mentioned this one before?  Because I really like the way this song builds and pulls you in.  The version below (from BBC Electric Proms) is a bit stripped down compared to the album version.

10.  PAVEMENT  “Cut Your Hair”  (from “Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain”  1994).  Blast from the past that someone at work mentioned, and then lent me the disc.  I had not heard it in almost 20 years.  It is a fun re-discovery.  I was playing it and my son said “That’s Pavement.”  I thought I was cool for knowing this back in the day.

11.  DAVE DERBY AND THE NORFOLK DOWNS  “Come On, Come On”   (from “Dave Derby and the Norfolk Downs”  2007).   Again, my mind is blank on how I came across this one but it’s good enough to wonder why more people have never herd of him.  It’s on Itunes.  Check it out.  No youtubes available.

12.  DAVID ACKLES  “Love’s Enough”  (from “American Gothic”  1972).  I thought it time to include a song by DAVID ACKLES, who I discovered from ELVIS COSTELLO.  (Actually, EC has led me to many discoveries.  Perhaps there is a Blailist there!)  ACKLES is acknowledged as a influential singer-songwriter who went largely unnoticed during his career and life.  A former child actor, his image evoking lyrics created songs that were like mini-movies.  He had a distinctive voice and predictably, because his music was such a broad mix of styles (tin pan ally to blues), he was not 70’s radio material.  His catalog is at least worth checking out to pick out the bits that may have influenced some of the great songwriters that have come along since.  I can hear him now when I listen to much of EC’s songs (“National Ransom”).   BERNIE TAUPIN has cited him as a great influence.  I can hear him in “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” and much of the early ELTON JOHN.

13.  BOB SCHNEIDER  “Come With Me Tonight”  (from “I’m Good Now”  2004).  This song keeps coming up on the cheesy XM Sirius radio station that is pumped into my office at volume levels that only dogs can hear.  I think it’s called the “coffehouse” and I am convinced that the station plays the same 30 songs for months on end.  And Sirius asks people to pay for that.  Pathetic.  But I like BOB SCHNEIDER and it could be worse if I had to hear the same KATY PERRY song 5 times a day.

14.  THE CONNELLS  “New Boy”   (from “Ring” 1993).  Remember them?  The next REM?

15.  FLACO JIMENEZ  “Marina”  (from “Partners”  1992).  The legend.

16.  THE MAVERICKS  “Born To Be Blue”  (from EP “Suited Up And Ready”  2012).  I am a sucker for any RAUL MALO.  Who needs mics and amps when you can sing and play like this?

17.  BUDDY AND JULIE MILLER  “Gasoline and Matches”   (from “Written in Chaulk”  2009).  ROBERT PLANT’s girlfriend sitting in for JULIE MILLER.

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