The Rails “Habit”

Whoa!  Has it really been months since my last post?  Well I’ll try to make up for in the coming weeks.  I stumbled across this by accident.  THE RAILS are KAMI THOMPSON and JAMES WALBOURNE.  KAMI, mentioned here before, is of course, RICHARD and LINDA‘s daughter.  And JAMES has been a member of SON VOLT, PERNICE BROTHERS and, more recently, his excellent guitar work has led him to be sideman for RAY DAVIES.

Frustratingly, one cannot easily purchase or obtain their recent album “Fair Warning” in the US.  So I keep hearing bits and pieces of the album and like what I have heard. This little gem, “Habit”, has been reworked by another guitar hero, BERNARD BUTLER.

Their Soundcloud has a few songs on it.  Note that Island record label. Pretty cool that KAMI shows up on that label almost 40 years after mum and dad’s classic (but possibly the label’s worst selling) albums came out.  Love it.

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