Voices in my Head – ALISON MOYET

I am sure I have mentioned ALISON MOYET before.  Fabulous British bluesy singer that reminds me a bit of DUSTY.  When she came up on the ipod recently, I went back to listen to Voice (2004), a favorite of mine and absolutely wonderful.  Then I had to go back and listen to Hoodoo (1991).  And then I had to go back and listen to Upstairs at Erics (1982) by YAZ!  It’s always fun to go back and reconnect with some old favorites.  In this case, it’s a shame she is not an old favorite for more people.  It’s never too late though.

YAZ – Midnight:

ALISON MOYET – The Windmills Of Your Mind:

ALISON MOYET – Wish You Were Here:

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